African Sanctus
David Fanshawe
A Little Jazz Mass
Bob Chilcott
2 July 2022

Cheltenham Bach Choir perform David Fanshaw's African Sanctus and Bob Chilcott's A Little Jazz Mass at Cheltenham Town Hall

Saturday 2 July 2022
Cheltenham Town Hall


Conducted by David Crown

Claire Rutter | Soprano

The Backbeat Percussion Quartet


David Crown Conductor of Cheltenham Bach Choir
Claire Rutter soprano


African Sanctus

The driving force within the music and message of African Sanctus is one of Praise and a firm believe in One Music - One God. The work informs both listener and performer about African music and its relationship to Western polyphony and captures the eternal and spiritual soul of music. It is an event, a celebration of power and energy, both visual, aural and multi-cultural, now performed live all over the world. For David Fanshawe there were no musical barriers. African Sanctus is an unorthodox setting of the Latin Mass harmonised with traditional African music.




A Little Jazz Mass

A Little Jazz Mass, was composed for the 2004 Crescent City Choral Festival, New Orleans. A relaxed, easy tempo Kyrie is followed by a Gloria with driving, upbeat outer sections enclosing a lyrical central section. The music of the Sanctus could be described as a ‘jazz lullaby’; the Benedictus ups the tempo a little, building to a strong forte for the ‘Hosanna’. Clearly inspired by the blues, the Agnus Dei reaches a powerful climax at ‘Dona nobis pacem’ before arriving at a peaceful conclusion. It says much for Chilcott’s skill that he has successfully brought together two very diverse traditions - the Latin mass and the jazz idiom - in such an expressive and entirely unforced way, an achievement that has generally eluded other composers who have tried something similar.


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